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Victoria, Australia - 1900-2000

Extracts from a letter by John Brand, 12/03/2012 reproduced with permission

My grandfather, Horatio George ('Ray') Brand , was the youngest in this family. He fought in the Boer War and the First World War and subsequently became a Bowling Green Keeper.

The children of the original settlers, Charles and William, spread out across Victoria far and wide and now the descendency is too wide to follow. It has been documented, however by Trevor McDonald of Horsham.

Edited extracts from John Brand

In 1866, the families in Byaduk formed the Neukirch congregation and a wattle and daub church was erected. Pastor C.W. Schurmann conducted services there. A weatherboard church was erected in 1886, but after this was destroyed in a bush fire in 1900, the present brick church was erected in 1902. The congregation flourished in the 1960s and 1970s but by 18 Jan 2006, the few remaining members decided to cease operating. The closure was held on Sunday 17 Sep 2006 but the Cemetery will continue to be used.


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