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Help - Menus

1. Menus

Press on the 'Menus' and they will go 'brown' and let you pick a item.

If an item is 'cloudy' it will pop up a sub-menu.

If you have chosen 'Family' or 'Hierarchies' or 'Time_Lines' to display, the five symbols at the top right are active ( )

- Switches from 'Hierarchies' or 'Time-Line' to 'Family'

- Switches from 'Family' and 'Time-Line' to 'Hierarchies'

- Switches from 'Family' or 'Hierarchies' to 'Time-Line'

- Stores the present 'family' (at long as 'cookies are enabled')

- If you have clicked on a person in one of the 'Introduction' pages to see one of the 'Family' pages (or one of the 'Hierarchies' or 'Time-Line' pages), this will take you back to the 'Introduction' you came from.

If you have chosen the 'Family' or 'Hierarchies' from the 'Menus' it will switch to the chosen family, unless the is chosen to change the parent.