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1. The Beginning 1630-1700

The start of records, it sets the scene. Tells how John Brand (1630-1683) started things, and had three children - John, Robert and Susannah. Only one, John, had a family, and this one a large one of nine children. Elmdon was the base, although Chrishall get a mention.

2. Elmdon 1700-1800

Starting, with John Brand (1712-1790) and covers the century, finishing with William Brand (1718-1797). Focuses on the Blacksmiths, the stock occupation.

3. Elmdon and Chrishall 1800-1900

Starts with John Brand (1797-1880) and his wife Martha. Moves to addings two stock occupations - farming and shopkeeping. Finishes by saying goodbye to Elmdon.

4. Byaduk, Australia 1850-1900

How two brother, Charles and William Brand (and James Ward), set sail and went to Australia. They both had large families, and set up farming in Australia.

5. Cambridge and The War Years 1900-1950

How Nathan Brand (1850-1895) moved to Cambridge and William Daniel (1882-1942) and others flourished. How the Brands took to the Wars.

6. Victoria, Australia 1900-2000

How the Australia people built apon what Charles and William Brand started.

7. Cambridge 1950-2000

How the status on the Brands has got to. Where they are now.

8. The Future 2000+

The future for the Brands, and whether they are too separated.